External money laundering officer

Laws to improve the combating of money laundering were tightened by the 3rd EU directive. New target groups are now also "people who deal with goods commercially" (in particular car dealers, jewelers, art dealers, and real estate brokers).

equeo CompCor assumes the role of external money laundering officer for customers (e.g. car dealerships, jewelers).

Customers make use of an IT tool to manage their obligations (identification and examination of suspicious business cases), and make use of specific expert advice in cases where doubts arise.

equeo CompCor takes care of:

  • The analysis of the money laundering hazard (based on a standard analysis & interviewing select customers on location),
  • Research in international databases (world check),
  • Reporting suspicious cases to the FIU; i.e. carries out preliminary checks of "suspicious business transactions" and reports if suspicions are confirmed,
  • Updating indicators and standards,
  • Coordinating an exchange of information, or if applicable, warnings of new modus operandi,
  • The training of employees either in workshops (face-to-face-training) or through e-learning and smaller training formats.