Compliance crisis management

Compliance crisis management is project work under difficult conditions – with the integration and consolidation of the different personal and function-related interests within the company and their coordination with any possible external experts in the field of personnel, communication, the relevant special legal issues and quality management.

Crisis management means, at the outset, accurate and informal problem perception and position assessment – under conditions that greatly hinder such an effort, such as nicely coloured information from your own company, strategies determined by the business instincts of participating managers, possible administrative access to internal memos, communication and media pressure.

Crisis management means that the remaining options open to the company must be accurately assessed and the necessary measures taken in time – even before the crisis itself determines the way forward .

The advice and assistance from our senior consultants are based on their own experience and they have many years of experience in white-collar crime.

We have a reliable network of criminal law, cartel and quality management specialists as well as communication consultants. As far as a quick and focused clarification of possible criminal aspects is concerned, our practitioners are at your disposal with many years of experience in white collar crime investigations.