Compliance Training

Train effectively, check efficiently.

Compliance must focus on employees to be effective on all levels of the company. Our e-training courses allow you to design efficient training processes and anchor compliance throughout the entire company. By integrating a learning management system, you check and document the level of knowledge of your company.

Training of experts
The e-training courses are prepared by experts and specialist authors. The basic training courses can be used immediately, but they can also be adapted individually to meet the requirements of your company. Your employees learn exactly what they need to know with a high degree of practical relevance and minimal time effort.

Integrated final Tests
Interactively and with realistic example cases, the e-training courses are completed in 30-60 minutes. A final test at the end of the course tests the knowledge of the participants prior to receiving a certificate. This ensures that your employees understand and internalise the guidelines.

Learning management system

The integrated learning management system (SaaS version) provides for automatic notification of the employees, documents participation and creates audit-proof reporting. In this way, you are always in control of the learning progress of your entire organisation.