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Tanja Trunz

Ms Tanja Trunz has been an independent lawyer and tax consultant since 2007, especially in the field of traditional tax consulting, tax structuring advice/reorganisation and corporate law. As a compliance adviser, she has devoted herself to the topics of tax compliance/GoBD (principles of orderly and proper accounting), managing director liability as well as risk management and internal control. As a long-standing lecturer at universities, Ms Trunz is very experienced in the training conceptualisation and the application of different training formats. Ms Trunz is a partner of the consulting network Kammerer und Kammerer, Business Excellence, as well as adviser to the national “Offensive Mittelstand”, an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.
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Tatjana Waldmann

Ms Waldmann has many years of experience with e-learning and multimedia projects. After her studies (sociology, psychology and criminology) and practical experience in criminological matters, she turned to computer-assisted learning. Since then, she has been developing concepts and scripts for e-learning productions focusing on the areas of compliance, business management, law, product knowledge, languages and software application. Ms Waldmann is the project manager for e-learning and other compliance training tools. 
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Wibke Kleber

Along with Dr Preusche, Ms Wibke Kleber was one of the co-founders of the law firm BKPI Legal & Compliance and has worked there as a partner in the field of labour law since March 2010. Prior to that, Ms Kleber worked for 9 years at a renowned international corporate law firm (Allen & Overy LLP) in the labour law practice group, as of spring 2007 she held the position of counsel.

Ms Kleber advises German and international companies on all aspects of individual and collective labour law.
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Goetz M. Bauer

Mr Goetz Bauer has been a lawyer since 2002 and a partner in the law firm BKPI Legal & Compliance in Frankfurt am Main since 2010. He is a certified data protection officer and mainly deals with medium-sized companies.
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Anna Christodoulou-Baranowski

Ms Anna Christodoulou-Baranowski has been a lawyer since 2004 and a partner of the law firm BKPI Legal & Compliance in Frankfurt am Main since 2016. She is primarily responsible for companies in civil law, inter alia relating to Greek matters in collaboration with Greek colleagues (local cooperation partners).

Ms Anna Christodoulou-Baranowski worked as a contract manager for a large telecom company. In addition, she also developed and conducted training courses for another American company in the field of compliance on topics such as data protection, money laundering and conflict of interests.
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Dr. Karl-Heinz Augenstein

Dr Karl-Heinz Augenstein studied physics with a doctorate in elementary particle physics. He worked at Siemens as a lecturer in data processing, for ESG as system designer and at Alcatel as project manager in the area of defence systems. Later, he was responsible for certification (e.g. ISO 9000, TL9000, ISO14000, CE marking) in the field of communication in a global capacity as Vice President Customer Satisfaction and Quality. As a representative of Alcatel, he was a member of the Management Board for the preparation of international standards in the telecommunications industry. For HarmanBecker Automotive Systems, Dr Augenstein was responsible for all certifications and adherence to standards as Vice President Quality. For KUGLERMAAG, he worked as a Principal Consultant in the Automotive, IT and Finance divisions. Dr Augenstein is now an independent company consultant focusing on business processes and certifications (quality management, environmental management, occupational safety, delegation of duties). Dr Karl-Heinz Augenstein is a Senior Compliance Consultant under contract of CompCor.
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Karl Würz

Mr Karl Würz is a public administration graduate, and a police officer of the State of Baden-Württemberg, most recently as police director in the Ministry of the Interior of Baden-Württemberg. 2000 to 2001 – Graduate of the Staff Academy of the State of Baden-Württemberg. From 2001 to 2007 at digital spirit GmbH Berlin, most recently as Head of Business Development & Sales and also responsible for the product development of compliance training programmes.

From 2011 to 2021 Managing Director of CompCor Compliance Solutions GmbH & Co. KG, now Managing Director of equeo CompCor GmbH. Mr. Würz is a board member of Netzwerk Compliance e.V..

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Dr. Reinhard Preusche

Dr Preusche is the founder of CompCor Compliance Solutions GmbH & Co KG. He is also a partner and the eponym of the law firm BKPI in Frankfurt am Main

Dr Preusche was Head of Group Compliance at Allianz SE. He started his professional career with a 14-year-long stint as a legal adviser of the Dresdner Bank. He then headed the Strategic Product Development and Controlling department in the International Financial Markets division of the Dresdner Bank AG, and from 1995 to 2001 the unit for Compliance/Corporate Security.

Dr Preusche was a member of the Commission on the Fight against Crime and Money Laundering of GDV (German Insurance Association) and of the Compliance and Money Laundering Working Group of the Federation of German Banks. Prior to that he was a member of the Banking Supervisory Committee of the European Banking Association and the Financial Services Commission of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Dr Preusche is a member of the Board of the association Netzwerk Compliance e.V. and regularly holds lectures on compliance-relevant topics.

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