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News and information on the subject of compliance.

Training products

Compliance rules are rules of life intended to influence behavior, not operation instructions for experts. Training concepts must be designed for the long term in order to achieve lasting effect.

Compliance board game

The compliance simulation game "INTEGRITY NOW!" 

Our experts have incorporated their specialized knowledge into a board game that is intended to help you arrange the focus of face-to-face training on compliance better and more appealingly.

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Haufe Compliance College

Corporates must perform Compliance-trainings as an indispensable preventive measure. Regulators expect them to do so.

The Haufe Compliance College offers you modular e-Trainings aligned to the needs and requirements of a Company.

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Compliance Smart Shows

Smart Shows are brief animated videos that use simple drawings and explanations to describe complicated circumstances, topics or products in comic style.

Due to their intuitive design they are particularly useful for introducing topics or for use as accompanying material for training measures (e.g. to explain whistleblower systems in a company).

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Compliance etiquette resources

„equeo CompCor compliance etiquette videos" are short videos (running time roughly 1.5 minutes), in which the main rules for a compliance topic are briefly and graphically portrayed in an animation by a moderator.

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Compliance Comics

In order to address special target groups, such as those in the area of production or marketing, we also offer a way to deal with compliance training topics in the form of comics.

These comics can be made available in the intranet or in printed form. 

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