Haufe Compliance Office

The Haufe Compliance Office, developed jointly by equeo CompCor and Haufe, shows you how to effectively prevent infringements of laws and internal policies by using existing resources. In so doing, you reduce the costs for the compliance organisation as well as for the employees to the necessary minimum. This in turn increases employee acceptance and reduces the need for checking.

The main contents of the Haufe Compliance Office Current main topics

  • Money laundering prevention
  • Gifts and invitations
  • Antitrust violations / price collusion
  • Prevention of corruption
  • Protection of data

Compliance risk analyses

  • Use the risk analysis to recognise the compliance risks in the company. This gives you the perfect working basis to plan and coordinate preventive measures.

Detailed knowledge of compliance-relevant areas

  • Building a lean compliance organisation
  • Delegation of responsibility by management to other employees
  • Occupational health and safety management and occupational safety organisation
  • Data protection and IT security, including the EU General Data Protection Regulations
  • Compliance in purchasing and procurement
  • Machinery and product safety
  • Human resources and labour law
  • Accounting, bookkeeping and taxation
  • Environmental protection: environmental law and environmental management system
  • Compliance for sales and export

Numerous guidelines

  • Compliance guidelines, work instructions and processes, compliance code of conduct
  • Checklists and model regulations for the acceptance and giving of gifts, invitations, etc.
  • Delegation guidelines and guidelines for representatives for the compliance organisation
  • And much more